I had a larger, well-known marketing company managing paid search for my auto glass franchise and they weren’t getting the job done so I reached out to SMG. After meeting with John I decided to make a switch. I’m glad I did. In less than a week I went from 0 calls to more than 10 a day and then it grew from there. On top of that I had an issue with the phone company and one of my phone lines went down. I emailed John on a Saturday afternoon and he had my ads updated within 20 minutes. I joked that SMG is this small company in Cincinnati and they’re beating up on that big national company I was working with before!

– Joe Dills, Owner, Techna Glass Cincinnati

As an auto glass company, you need to spend your marketing dollars efficiently.

Not only that, most auto glass shops simply can’t afford to hire a full time in-house marketing person. And even if they could, there’s no way that one person could keep on top of all the changes happening online and still be able to keep on top of all their responsibilities in house and be able to manage advertising campaigns, SEO, online content, social media, radio, TV, print, etc.

It’s a lot of work.

And the thing is, there’s no way to be sure that work will turn a profit.

That’s a challenge lots of small businesses face. Where to spend their limited marketing dollars in the most impactful way possible without wasting so much of it on tactics that don’t work that they run out of cash before they’ve built up their business.

Every auto glass company wants to hit the ground running and get the phone ringing right away, but they can’t afford to waste that money testing out tactics that don’t work.

We’ve been doing marketing for over a decade and in that time we’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work for a wide variety of companies in many different industries. This broad experience has allowed us to see past all the hype and develop a framework to identify the best marketing opportunities for a company based on its industry, size, location, and marketing budget.

We’ve spent the last 5 years working with auto glass companies to refine that framework to generate the most leads possible.

Testing website and landing page designs, and every part of the marketing mix to create a system that is scalable and repeatable for any auto glass company to get the phone ringing off the hook.

Here’s a recent client example: We drove 300-500 leads per month for this client with a limited advertising spend.

Before working with us this auto glass shop was only generating about 30 phone calls per month. We effectively increased their phone call leads by 10x.

That seems like a lot, but it’s not magic. It’s just a result of applying our marketing framework and understanding where auto glass customers are are and how to put your name in front of them and get them to call you for the least cost.

This client owned a franchise auto glass shop and he ended up doing so well corporate bought his store back from him. That’s right. He bought the franchise from corporate, and corporate bought it back. That’s how good he was doing.

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