Author: Maryellen Cicione

How to Generate Auto Glass Leads

As you know, most of your auto glass business comes from leads as opposed to customers just coming in from the street. But how do you generate these leads? Auto glass leads can be obtained in three ways: Online At Your Shop In the Community Every day, you and/or your employees should plan on doing an hour or more of… Read more »

Auto Glass Web Design: The Ultimate Guide

  Introduction You’ve probably heard of the KISS acronym or the phrase it stands for: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Keeping it simple is exactly what auto glass companies want to do when it comes to their website. But keeping it simple doesn’t mean just throwing up a one-page website with scant information just to give your business a presence on… Read more »

The 6 Auto Glass Marketing Strategies that Deliver the Biggest ROI

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, grow your business, or maximize your profit potential, you need a marketing plan. That marketing plan should include the right mix of marketing strategies aimed at meeting your business goals. For auto glass companies, experience shows that the best marketing strategies that deliver the most impact are search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) Internet… Read more »

Auto Glass Social Media: How to Dominate the Competition and Build a Brand

If you think having a social media presence means announcing discounts or promotions now and then or posting sales pitches, think again. The reality is, people typically don’t interact with an auto glass company on social media. You have to give them a reason why they should. It’s a challenge, but it can be done, as companies in all types… Read more »

Auto Glass Marketing Ideas: 30 Top Tactics that Get the Phone Ringing

When it comes to repairing a ding on a windshield or replacing a cracked window, consumers have choices. If you want your auto glass business to stand out from the competition, you need to market your business. No matter how small or large your auto glass company may be, it needs a marketing plan. This plan should be a combination… Read more »

Auto Glass Local SEO: The Ultimate Guide

Windshield dings and cracks happen on the road, so chances are when vehicle owners need the services of an auto glass company, they are on the road. More than likely, they’re using a mobile device or a work computer to research auto glass companies in their area. If you do a search for windshield repair in your area, you’ll see… Read more »