Industry Report: 2021 State of Internet Marketing in the Auto Glass Industry

Want to know how well your online auto glass marketing efforts are paying off?

Want to know how your Internet marketing stacks up to your competitors in the auto glass industry?

The 2021 report on the state of Internet marketing in the auto glass industry is the first of its kind, providing valuable marketing data to owners of auto glass companies.

What Auto Glass Companies Can Learn From This Report

Many auto glass companies have figured out they need to do some form of Internet marketing to drive local consumers to their shops.

But what’s a bit more difficult for auto glass business owners to figure out is whether these efforts are delivering a good return on their investment.

You do a lot of research, decision-making, and speculation up front, like:

  • How complex do I need to make my website? Do I need to have online quoting and scheduling?
  • Will building my business profile on social media platforms bring in more customers?
  • Should I run a digital ad campaign?
  • How much should I spend on Internet marketing and what initiatives should I invest in?

All this before you even see any solid results.

But, rest assured, you will see the results you are expecting. A review of more than 30 auto glass companies throughout the United States concludes, without a doubt, that:

Internet marketing does, indeed, matter in the auto glass industry.

The review conducted by ranks the top auto glass businesses in most major markets based on their Internet presence. If you want to know how your auto glass business compares, just contact

How the List of Auto Glass Companies Was Compiled

Just like consumers looking for an auto glass shop would do, performed a Google search for “windshield replacement in” these major markets: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, and San Diego, as well as national auto glass companies.

Major markets were selected because that’s where the competition is greatest, thus providing a look at the Internet marketing results for top companies in the auto glass industry. After all, a successful auto glass shop in a very small market does not need a huge number of backlinks or social media fans because, quite frankly, it does not have to work as hard to capture a top spot in a Google search.

From the results of these searches, developed a list of those auto glass businesses that appeared at the top of the Google search results page for each major market.

A scoring system was then used to rank each one overall, regardless of location.

How the Final Score Was Calculated was founded by a veteran online marketer, so that extensive Internet marketing expertise was put to work to analyze the search results findings.

From a digital marketing perspective, backlinks are a major consideration when ranking websites. Sure, other things, like site speed and SEO matter, too, but not as much as those backlinks.

A backlink is a high quality link to your website from a referring domain or a website other than your own. Backlinks are a key consideration in search engines’ algorithms because they reflect the credibility of a website.

So, to determine the overall Internet marketing ranking of auto glass companies, the following factors were used: backlinks, the number of Facebook likes and followers, and the number of Twitter followers.

These two social media platforms were chosen because they are the major ones all auto glass businesses should be using.

It should be noted that the number of followers on social media does not necessarily translate equally into engagement, and certainly does not reflect the number of sales. That’s because there are ways companies can “buy” followers.

As such, a Google search was used to ensure fake social profiles were not included in the final score calculation.

To obtain the final score, we multiplied the total backlinks for each site by 10 (because backlinks are really important) and then adding the number of Facebook and Twitter likes and followers.

Website Market  Backlinks  Facebook likes  Facebook followers  Twitter followers Score National  25,712,957  210,838  198,689  38,700  257,577,797 National / LA / NY / Chicago / San Diego / Houston  193,396  58,706  56,790  8,233  2,057,689 National / Philadelphia  79,417  2,341  2,223  1,913  800,647 NY  61,657  305  295  77  617,247 National / NY / Philadelphia  49,610  226  220  1,395  497,941 Chicago  18,599  2,323  2,263  No Twitter Profile  190,576 National  12,761  1,689  1,640  229  131,168 LA  7,054  1,001  985  280  72,806 National / NY / Chicago  6,852  1,319  1,271  829  71,939 San Diego (regional in CA & NV)  3,208  1,241  1,197  51  34,569 Houston  3,273  215  209  1,377  34,531 Houston  1,386  430  416  456  15,162 Houston  718  308  304  3  7,795 San Diego  524  11  11  17  5,279 San Diego  523  No FB Page  No FB Page  No Twitter Profile  5,230 Chicago  43  2,323  2,263  No Twitter Profile  5,016 NY  422  No FB Page  No FB Page  No Twitter Profile  4,220 LA  325  174  173  4  3,601 Houston  342  No FB Page  No FB Page  No Twitter Profile  3,420 Chicago  227 114  114  34  2,532 Philadelphia  56  782  778  No Twitter Profile  2,120 Houston  198  No FB Page  No FB Page  No Twitter Profile  1,980 San Diego  154  114  104  No Twitter Profile  1,758 Philadelphia  116  180  182  –  1,522 San Diego  127  33  31  12  1,346 LA  61  193  191  112  1,106 Houston  66  12  12  252  936 Chicago  16  101  99  No Twitter Profile  360 Philadelphia  32  No FB Page  No FB Page  No Twitter Profile  320 Chicago  29  No FB Page  No FB Page  No Twitter Profile  290 Philadelphia  6  46  47  No Twitter Profile  153

Analyzing the Report’s Scores

As you will notice, those auto glass companies with more backlinks typically ranked higher as backlinks are weighted more in the final score calculation. Backlinks will be the #1 determining factor of how a site ranks and how much traffic it sees.

It’s also much more difficult to get a good quality backlink than a Twitter follower or Facebook like.

Currently, there are more than 30 auto glass companies listed. If you would like your auto glass shop analyzed and added to the list, just drop a line to

Top auto glass keywords

While we put together this report, we also pulled the top keywords for the auto glass industry. This table shows the keywords ranked in order of how many searches there are per month.

As you can see, “windshield replacement” has 74,000 searches per month, which explains our ability to generate really large numbers of leads online for our auto glass clients.

Explanation of the columns:

  • Keyword: The keyword people are searching for
  • Search Volume: The total number of people searching this keyword every month
  • CPC (Cost per click): The estimated cost per click you would pay to Google if you were to run a PPC campaign for this keyword
  • Competition: Google’s estimate of the competition for this keyword. 0% is low, 100% is high.
Keyword  Search Volume  CPC Competition
windshield replacement  74,000  $4.63 93%
windshield repair  74,000  $4.49 100%
auto glass repair  49,500  $6.69 93%
auto glass  33,100  $5.30 91%
glass repair  18,100  $6.06 91%
auto glass replacement  18,100  $6.92 87%
car window repair  14,800  $6.33 95%
windshield replacement cost  9,900  $4.43 92%
glass replacement  9,900  $7.22 91%
car window replacement  8,100  $7.18 94%
windshield crack repair  6,600  $3.14 100%
windshield chip repair  6,600  $3.43 100%
auto glass repair near me  5,400  $6.79 94%
car glass repair  5,400  $6.01 92%
auto window repair  3,600  $6.39 92%
windshield repair near me  3,600  $4.76 87%
cracked windshield  3,600  $4.82 70%
mobile windshield repair  2,900  $5.66 87%
replace windshield  2,900  $5.80 92%
cracked windshield repair  2,900  $3.57 100%
windshield repair cost  2,400  $4.96 88%
car windshield replacement  2,400  $5.46 91%
windshield replacement prices  1,900  $4.59 94%
mobile glass repair  1,900  $5.30 94%
mobile auto glass repair  1,900  $5.98 82%
car windshield repair  1,600  $5.16 100%
car window repair near me  1,600  $6.16 94%
windshield replacement come to you  1,600  $5.44 93%
windshield replacement quote  1,600  $4.22 90%
how much does it cost to replace a windshield  1,600  $3.84 45%
auto glass replacement near me  1,600  $6.63 92%
auto glass near me  1,600  $4.92 89%
auto window replacement  1,600  $6.81 92%

Contact us for auto glass marketing

As you can see in the table above, advertising for auto glass keywords can be expensive. The good news is that after working with multiple auto glass companies, We’ve learned tricks to help dramatically reduce those costs. If you’re interested in generating more leads for your auto glass company? We can help get the phone ringing off the hook. Contact me here for more info.